A Glimpse of Joy

Connecting “Technology” with “Family” 

Warning: if you do not have a taste for fairy tales or fantasy, you may not be able to understand or appreciate what I found when I connected the randomly chosen concepts of “family” and “technology”.  Once again I needed to push past this first unimaginative thought – 21st century technology connects families.

Going deeper to connect “technology” to “family” I found fairy tales, spider webs, and happy endings.   I found books, the one technology that has made possible all the modern technologies we are so enamored with.   And I found three books exchanged within three generations of my family.  One book given; two books given and then given back.

My mother gave me the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson.  I read of Thumbelina in despair, about to be married to a blind mole and dragged forever into the dark, a swallow rescuing and setting her down among the flowers, eight year old me catching a glimpse of joy and heart’s desire as a gift of wings are fastened to Thumbelina so she can fly from flower to flower.

hans fairy tales

Years later I read Charlotte’s Web to my first daughter who burst into tears learning that Wilbur the pig would be slaughtered.  But eight year old her catching a glimpse of joy and heart’s desire as Wilbur is saved by his spider friend Charlotte and will live the rest of his tranquil life with some of Charlotte’s descendants always as his friends.

charlottes web

Grown up her giving me the book back on the eve of her wedding inscribed with this:


When I was pregnant with my younger daughter and in bed for a week with flu I read Jane Eyre for the first time. Grown up her giving me the book back for Mother’s Day two years ago, although she had never known how I “gave” her that book, both of us having a glimpse of joy and heart’s desire as Jane proclaims herself supremely blest at the book’s end after a life of so much suffering.

jane eyre

Technology is the very human creation of tools and techniques that answer certain uses in our lives.  Through the technology of books my family has shared in the consolation of the happy ending, building a bedrock of belief in us that there is always hope, soon or many years down the road, no matter how dire the disappointment, sadness, or loss has ever been.


When I return I’ll be sharing what I find when connecting “cooking” with “Martin Luther”.  I truly have no idea where that will take me.


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  1. Carol Moran says:

    I so enjoyed your profoundly beautiful connections in your recent blog! How lucky you are to share such understanding with your wonderful daughters and they with you. Much love to you dear friend, I miss you, xxx carol

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